Get a No Deposit Bonus with Our PAF Casino Codes


In these unprecedented times, people are tight on money and looking for new ways to enjoy themselves at home. Here at Paffy, we know that playing games online is a great hobby to pursue while keeping yourself and others safe by staying at home. If you're looking for a way to easily try out a new casino from home without having to spend your own money, you've come to the right place. Paffy is your one-stop source for all Paf Casino codes that will get you no deposit bonuses. No deposit bonuses are a great place to start your online gambling hobby, but are offered to returning players in various promotions as well.

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Different Types of No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonuses are offered by casinos to get new players and allow them to try out their games before fully taking the plunge. A no deposit bonus is basically any type of bonus that allows the player to participate in their games without depositing money. They are often offered as promotional codes, like Paf Casino codes, in advertisements on websites like ours, on their own websites and in emails sent to their mail list subscribers.

Casinos offer a variety of bonuses for new and returning players alike. There are a few no deposit bonuses that we'd like to highlight because they provide players an opportunity to play Paf Casino games and place real money wagers without being required to deposit any of their own money.

Free Play: Free play is a no deposit bonus offer that allows players to play certain games for an allotted amount of time before having to deposit any money. Free play typically offers more bonus cash or free spins than the following bonuses, which makes this particular bonus very appealing. These bonuses sound generous, but the time limit can restrain the player's ability to win big.

Bonus Cash: Bonus cash is an amount of money provided by the casino. The casino allots bonus cash to a player for them to use for wagering in their games and even win real money to cash out!

Free Spins: Free spins are offered as a certain amount of plays on the casino's slot games. A Paf Casino code can get you up to 300 free spins, which gives you ample time to win some money to play with. Free spins are a fan favorite because if you win big during these free spins, you have more money to wager with in other games. However, it's important to know the limitations that all three of these types of bonuses are bound by.

Limits to Offers

Don't forget that all bonuses are limited by a few requirements and restrictions, even and especially no deposit bonuses. These requirements and restrictions include wagering requirements, maximum withdrawal amounts, expiration dates, and more. It is important to know about these limits because they affect your gameplay and the amount of money you have to wager or the amount of money you can win.

Wagering requirements prevent players from abusing no minimum deposit bonuses and promotions. A wagering requirement determines the number of times the bonus amount must be gambled in order to cash out from your bonus play winnings. There are two types of wagering requirements that casinos have, and here are some examples of both:

  • Some casinos only count the bonus amount when determining the wagering requirement. So let's look at an example of this type of wagering requirement. If you're playing a no deposit bonus and you win $40 for the bonus play, the casino would only count that $40 towards their wagering requirements. If the casino's wagering requirements were x20, you would have to wager that $40 twenty times, or $600.
  • Other casinos will take the deposit amount and the bonus amount into account when determining wagering requirements In this example, a casino's wagering requirement is 20x your deposit + bonus. So, if they gave out a 200% match bonus on a $30 deposit, the wagering requirement would be applied to a total of $90 ($30 deposit + $60 match bonus). So, you'd have to bet $90 twenty times, or $1,800.

Maximum payouts: Some casino's no minimum deposit bonuses come with the condition that these promotions have a maximum withdrawal amount. You'll be able to guess pretty quickly whether or not the bonus is worth gambling through the wagering requirements when you see the maximum payout or withdrawal amount.

Minimum deposits: You may continue to play with the casino where you used your Paf Casino code for a no deposit bonus, and you may encounter new promotions that offer great deals, but require a minimum deposit. This is just the minimum amount you must put into play in order to play through this bonus.

Expiration dates: Most promo codes will have an expiration date, which is expected with any coupon. However, some Australian casinos may require their no minimum deposit bonuses to be used within a certain period of time after registration. So, be sure to know this before choosing your bonus so that you don't lose a potentially great deal just because you didn't claim it quick enough!

One more thing to be aware of: Casinos will require you to or make a successful payment at the casinos before you participate in a no deposit bonus, because you may not meet the wagering requirements on the balance of your bonus account alone. This is when you would have to make a deposit in order to continue play. Don't fret - it's totally possible to win real cash with a no deposit bonus!


How to Use Your Paf Casino Code

So, you've found your Paf Casino code with a no deposit bonus offer. Here are some instructions that will help you redeem your Paf Casino code and get winning!

  1. Carefully read the casino's terms and conditions to find their wagering requirements, deposit requirements, and maximum withdrawal amount to maximize your success.
  2. Find the casino's cashier section to enter your Paf Casino code.
  3. Find the game(s) that your bonus applies to and start to play.
  4. If the bonus offers free spins, use those spins, then wager with your winnings from the slots game. Play the determined game, wagering with your bonus funds, for other types of no deposit bonuses.
  5. Fulfill the casino's wagering requirements.
  6. If luck has been on your side, either keep playing to win or withdraw your winnings!


Want to Up the Stakes with Other Promos?

Once you've used your Paf Casino code for a no deposit bonus, you may want to play some other types of bonuses. Some bonuses that do require deposits can still be very affordable and offer up chances to win big.

Though many Paf Casino codes for no deposit bonuses are for new players, there are many bonuses with minimal deposit requirements that are offered periodically to returning players. Many casinos will have bonus codes for certain days of the week, holidays, and will even send out promotional emails with coupons for members of their loyalty programs & subscribers to their mailing lists. One of these types of bonuses is a match/deposit bonus. A match deposit bonus is something offered by casinos in which the casino will match a certain percentage of your first deposit, or even subsequent deposits for returning players.


Don't get too caught up in these bonuses that require deposits, though, as many casinos offer ample opportunities to pursue no deposit bonuses with the promotions mentioned earlier: day of the week bonuses, monthly bonuses, holiday bonuses, or even no deposit bonuses that are exclusively given to repeat players as a loyalty reward.